Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hair jackets trump hair shirts in my book

My favorite high school teacher, Sean McEnroe told our Senior History Seminar class that, being the well-bred prep school kids we were, we would without fail exit college with some sort of addiction. Whether that addiction would be cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol, hard drugs, gambling, pornography, or browsing the free section on Craig's List only time would tell.

(Sean McEnroe is also the only person I've ever met who owned a jacket made out of human hair. Don't scoff...I think it ony adds to his credibility.)

Right now (as I've regaled a few of your already during recent procrastination binges) I have fantasies of moving into a house or apartment (where? It doesn't really matter; anyway I have no idea where I will be in six months) that I stuff full of free items from Craig's List. Only free items from Craig's List.

Some recent free posts I've found that may be useful:
-a pool table
-hand built bookshelves
-a "cow colored" microwave (it's just what it sounds like)
-male and female New Zealand rabbits

Some recent free posts I've found that may not be useful:
-piles of brick and mortar
-a tree that fell on someone's house
-miscellaneous unconsolidated lawn "debris"

Since when did Craig's List turn into a compost heap? That's ok...this has actually bumped Craig's List up the totem pole to my fourth favorite way to waste time. (I don't know what one two and three are, so don't ask.) I like to justify it to myself by claiming I'm doing an informal sociological study on junk, value, and insanity.


kt said...

I'm trying to think of my addiction...the internet perhaps?
P.S. I pretty much always justify time spent on the internet as "research."

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock said...

Hey! I used Craigslist recently to give away 3 of my zebra finches. It was great. I had 5 or 6 very eager people who wanted the birds. The one who got them emailed me a picture of her bird aviary (made me want to build one myself) and came out to my house to pick them up. Craigslist rocks....