Monday, August 14, 2006

A few links...

In a few hours I'm leaving for South Korea. Craziness. I'm exhausted and dehydrated and nervous and excited.

Per Alice's request (and my own as-of-yet-unfulfilled promise), here is the link to photos from my backpacking trip.

Also, I have a new blog. There's not much on it yet, and I'll probably end up posting most/all of the entries I put up there on this blog, but you should check it out anyway because it has a few extra bonuses.

Ok...time to do some last minute packing.


Anonymous said...

Where are some of you know who/what?

Anonymous said...

Pictures that is

Alice said...

Thanks for the link! (There are so few pictures of you...although it wuld make sense since you were by yourself most of the time)
Beautiful scenary
Good luck on your next year of adventure!