Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to get an A for Green!

Less than two weeks ago I was at a post office in Kenmore Square. The guy ahead of me had received a package, and asked if he could leave the cardboard box there for them to recycle (he had already opened it and removed his...boardgame...). "Well you can leave it here," the kindly postal worker replied, "but it won't be recycled because we're technically on BU's campus, and BU doesn't recycle." Wha? Come on, BU!

That interchange prompted the idea in my head that someone should rate colleges according to how "green" they are. Well...someone has! The Sustainable Endowments Institute just came out with the College Sustainability Report Card, which you can download here. They rate schools in eight categories, including Food and Recycling, Climate Change and Energy, Green Building, and Investment Priorities. Who is at the top of the class? Carlton, Dartmouth, Harvard, Middlebury, University of Vermont, and University of Washington. And what score did BU get? Barely passing with a C.

Check out the descriptions of notable initiatives in each of the eight categories. Each school also gets a full-page report card that describes why it got the grade that it did.

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Kitty said...

Very interesting! Not surprised to see my alma mater's crappy score, but I guess at least they're improving.