Friday, August 22, 2008

Hood to Coast 2008: Running and Twittering

Yesterday, after a long day of being oriented for my newest venture, I flew to Portland to get one last full night of sleep before starting the Hood to Coast relay. If you are unfamiliar with the race, it's an all-night-all-day 12 person relay running 197 miles of roads (and gravel, and dirt) from Mt. Hood, Oregon's highest peak, down to the Pacific Ocean. Each runner completes 3 legs, though the majority of the event is spent cavorting in sweaty camraderie while eating bananas and icing sore legs in rented vans.

Sitting at the airport in Denver as my flight kept getting delayed, a hanful of passengers slowly realized that they were in the company of fellow runners. A short but enthusiastic pow-wow ensued as the veterans exchanged stories of mud and stink and aches and pains from with questions of sleep and food and pacing and weather from greenhorns like me.

The weather report is as close as it could be to perfect (amazing, consider Oregon is coming off a heatwave, unseasonal monsoons, and lightning fires) for the next two days. Now, all that's left is to get to the mountain and rendezvous with my team, Girls Heart Rockets 2.

If you'd like to follow my team's progress, I'll be twittering the event (how web 2.0 of me!). And no, I won't be carrying my phone with me while running. That's still something I refuse to do.

See you in Seaside!

Image from Flickr user Noël Zia Lee used with a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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