Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I've been having recurring dreams (uh oh! I've started talking about dreams on my blog -- I've officially jumped the shark). I am endlessly drinking water (or other liquids, it's never quite clear...pun!), yet never able to quench my thirst.

Now, if I were to do a Freudian analysis of this, I'd probably have to write down as many details I could remember, including the color the fridge from whence I pulled my drink and the size and shape of the glass, only to discover that my inability to slake represents some kind of failed wish fulfillment for and a subconscious desire for...whatever.

I'm just gonna grab a glass of water. Or two or three. Because I think really I'm just a bit dehydrated.

Image from Flickr user Vicki and Chuck Rogers shared with a Creative Commons license.

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