Friday, March 20, 2009

Another article on "the future of journalism"...

In the vein of my last post, here's an article by Dave Winer at Scripting News.

Here's an excerpt:
In math, when you have to prove a hard theorum, first you try to prove elements of the theory, that if true, would prove the whole thing. In software, you may not know what the final user interface looks like, but you know some layers to it, so in either case you can start work right away. In 1994 we didn't know what the new journalism would look like, and we still don't, but we knew some essential elements, perhaps the essential element -- that sources go direct. It's the thing the Internet does to all intermediaries, it disses them. It happened to travel agents, realtors, classified ads, all kinds of shopping, and it has happened to news too.

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kys said...

Yes it DID happen to travel agents! But at least with journalism, it's evolving into something new, and the journalists will still be needed.