Sunday, October 11, 2009


My name has been misspelled in fabulously inventive, seemingly infinite ways:

Brock-Wirfs (yes, really!)

But never until today had I been a Worfs-Brock. happened twice! Fancy that! I actually found it endearing, and it warmed my heart a little bit when it was very cold outside.

Other things that warmed my heart recently:
  • The baristas at the library coffee shop talking about their hobby, library stalking. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. They trail someone around the library for 15 minutes or too and see how long they can do it before the stalkee notices.
  • Journalists squiggly dancing to Balkan music at the Society of Environmental Journalists Conference.
  • A man with mismatched socks going through airport security.
  • Seeing not one, but TWO legitimate flat-top hairdos this weekend.
  • The phrase "glow-in-the-dark great!"
  • This passage: "Henry thinks the city is a success, a brilliant invention, a biological masterpiece -- millions teeming around the accumulated and layered achievements of the centuries, as though around a coral reef, sleeping, working, entertaining themselves, harmonious for the most part, nearly everyone wanting it to work." Ian McEwan, Saturday, page 3
Have a glow-in-the-dark great night. I know I will, most literally.

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Jordan said...

And in case you were wondering, those are government issue flame retardant socks in the pic!