Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I gave an Ignite-style presentation, and I liked it!

Last month, at the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (a collection of people who do cool things with data at the hyper-local level) meeting in Detroit, I gave an Ignite-style presentation.

I was nervous.

I procrastinated.

I declined showing anyone my slides.

Or letting anyone watch me practice.

I perspired. A lot.

And when presentation time came...

I had so much fun!

But, after the post-presentation high wore off, I got shy about showing the video of my talk to people. Enough! Here it is. Fast-forward to 44:00 in the video to watch:

You can also download my slides [ppt] (some of the formatting is off because I created them on a Mac).

Preparing for my ignite experience was painful in the way that it's always painful for me to sit down and start writing a story. And it's painful for the same reason -- giving a presentation in this style, just like refining your ideas into a 500-word article, forces you to identify the big ideas and cut away the chaff. I think it's an experience everyone should try. It doesn't have to be at a large, city-wide Ignite event. Why not grab a few friends and give Ignite presentations in someone's living room? You may not get the rush of speaking in front of a crowd, but the beer would be cheaper and closer at hand...

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