Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sinister 7: The Good Kind of Evil

I'm blogging from the road here (literally: just south of Great Falls, Montana on I-15). Full update soon. But first...we won! Girls Heart Rockets was the fastest all-female team at the Sinister 7 trail relay, finishing the 148 km course in 15 hours and 53 minutes!

[Update, 7/11/11, 1:30 pm: Tien-Tien and I made it back to Boulder on Monday morning -- no deer-splattering! I'll add some annotations to these pics, and more soon...the resolution seems to be weird because I uplodaded them from my phone, so I might post better versions, too.]

At the pre-race meeting, a stuffed bear looms ominously over the team in rad matching track suits. (Want!)
Obligatory "before" picture, taken under the Sinister 7 start/finish

My favorite piece of race shwag: Sporknife! Knorkoon!

There was a cougar there, too...

Crowsnest Mtn. in the early morning light before the race start. The jaggedy thing to the right is the Seven Sisters, which I ran over on Leg 5.

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