Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Use Cases for The Infinite Story

Participating in the #MozNewsLab is an amazing resource. It gives us an opportunity to open up our ideas - and our process - to scrutiny in the best possible way.

Here's some feedback I got from one Pippin Lee on my second blog assignment:

If you have time, here's a fairly quick, but interesting challenge that may help you focus any ideas you have...The goal: to give your product/idea a specific use case (don't be afraid of the edge-case subject either!). Here's an example. You can easily do this for all ends of the spectrum, but you'll begin to see how you are able to get deeper into understanding how and what you idea/product will face.

The goal: Define, "What is your point of view?"
The formula: [USER] needs [VERB] because [INSIGHT]

Here's what I came up with as use cases for my project [click to biggerize!]:

And here's a text version:
  1. A team of journalists collaborating on a story needs to share, catalog and organize files and information because writing a story together requires melding of the minds on a tight deadline.
  2. A writer working on a long or complex story needs to digitally organize reporting materials to track themes, insights and connections because she is working on many stories at once and wants to be able to dive back in to her thought process right where she left off.
  3. An interested reader needs to connect to raw materials and resources because she wants to go deeper after reading a story and has questions that aren’t answered fully in the published story.
  4. A newsreader-turned-newsmaker needs to access to reporting materials and deep background information because she wants to reinterpret them in the context of her own community by writing an expanded story on the same theme.
Are these the right use cases? What other ones can you suggest? As always, I'd love any thoughts/feedback.

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