Thursday, December 08, 2005

re: hunger

Possibly the most intriguing piece of spam I have ever recieved:


From: "Mattithyahu Borgman"
To: "Poncio Dumbleton" [that's me, apparently]
Subject: Re: hunger

Wrap things up there and wait for the car. Ill take this one! No! Not unless you want to blow everything. Weve got time. Wrap it up out there. Cactus ... hes hurt-shot. Ill call Ivan. Hell get back in a hurry. Theres one brother left-only one, Alex. I killed the other two-I was responsible. Cut that out. Stop it. Do what you have to do. Goddamn you, I cant. Someones got to be here and I wont be! Youre right. Theres too much to keep under wraps out there and youve got to be in Montserrat. Ill drive out with the car and take your place.


Wow, I'm not quite sure what Mattithyahu wants me to do (and he probably isn't either), but I'm about to run out and do it (or stay here and do it?).

Why don't my friends send me e-mail like this? Seriously.


Spencer said...

That is a seriously sweet piece of email. Can we hire this spammer to starting writing screenplays?

Michael Danger said...

I've been trying for years to get someone to give me a decent nickname. Can you guys just call me "hurt-shot" from now on?

Anonymous said...

maybe someday soon the pothtal thervith will send you an equally exciting email.