Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Persons of the day

A while back (oh, I'd say about two months) I said I was going to institute a "person of the day"-type feature on this blog, where I would give a nod (a shout out, if you will) to the person who gave me the greatest pick-up in my time of, er, darkness. Well, days aren't so dark now (literally and figuratively), but I think it's time to instate that feature for real.

Starting with...

today's "persons of Jordan's day" number one: the MIT women's basketball team. (Not really a person, I know...bear with me...)

For: a) Getting our first conference win since I was a freshman (for those of you who weren't counting, that's three years) over Wellesley (!!!!), b) making it an absolute nail-biter, and c) reminding me why it is that I've stuck with basketball for 11 years through all the, well, losing, bench-warming, bruising, etc., etc.


(And no, mom and dad, I didn't play, but so what...)


Jeff said...

Hey. How can a person brighten your day and get featured here? I'm at least a metro-Boston resident and I went to school in the city ... Northeastern, not MIT. But still.

Erik Wirfs-Brock said...

yay, you beat those evil lesbiands at Wellesly!

Erik Wirfs-Brock said...


kta said...

I'm going to ignore your brother and say congrats to your team! Pretty much I don't care about sports at Wellesley at all, so yay MIT basketball!