Sunday, April 16, 2006

23 hours to go...

The Boston Marathon is tomorrow. I know this sounds cheesy, but I have a tear (or two, or three) in my eye as I'm writing this. I don't know what it is (well, I have an idea), but reading and thinking about marathons, walking around the Boston finish line, watching runners excitedly (and nervously) get off the T at the marathon expo, all these things make me cry. I don't think it's something a non-runner could understand. (Just as I couldn't really understand crying when the Red Sox lose...)

As it's finally hitting me that the marathon is tomorrow and I'll be running tomorrow, it's also finally hitting me how ready I am. Yes, I'm coming off of basketball season, and yes, I was woken up several times last night due to the screams of unknowing underclassmen, and yes, I rolled my ankle last weekend, but I'm ready.

I'm ready because I deserve this. I'm ready because I'm leaving Boston (most likely forever) in less than two months. I'm ready because I'm graduating. I'm ready because I've decided to do the scariest thing I've ever done and leave the country to be a teacher. I'm ready because no one's there to help me along this year. I'm ready because I have to pee every 20 minutes. I'm ready because I trained. I'm ready because I want this.

Who knows what my time will be. Judging from my training I know I have the ability to run a great time, but I also know that it all depends on the day. Whether or not tomorrow will be my day, it's going to be my day. You know?

Ok...enough cheesy talk. What does a girl like me do the day before the marathon? Clean her room. I need to go finish that. 23 hours until start time. Go!


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow!

dave glasser said...

good luck jordan!

(i'd be cheering you on if i wasn't out of town for marathon yet again...)

Anonymous said...

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