Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sunflowers and Daffodils

I have so many updates stored away in my head. I just need to get back in the groove. (Bewaaare the groooove!)

Last week it was sunny and warm and beautiful, and I was feeling good, and I was walking back from Central Square and I saw a giant sunflower outside of a flower shop. I bought it for my friend who was feeling down.

The next day she bought me some daffodils to replace my the week-old ones withering on my dresser.

Flowers are great. They make me happy. When did this happen? Did flowers always make me happy? I really don't know.

The point is: buying flowers randomly for yourself and for your friends is an acceptable act, and one that I want to start doing more frequently. This isn't going to turn into a "Oh, flowers have been corrupted because they are almost exclusively used as symbols for romance and eath" rant. It's just a ... people need to do things that make themselves and those around them happy, just for the sake of doing it rant. But that sentiment is too nice for a rant.

Baking cookies is good too. I did that a lot last year. I wish I had done it more this year.


kta said...

this reminds me of a rather sad story that took place at the robison jewish home back in middle school involving an orchid...remember?

Erik Wirfs-Brock said...

Eating cookies makes you fat, Don't DO IT! i do like some vega cookies at horrible yuppie supermarkets like Whole Foods though

Anonymous said...

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