Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Korean SAT, Pepero Day, XC

Tomorrow is the Korean Collegiate Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is offered only one day a year.

Imagine that your admission to college was based solely on one test and all of your peers across the entire country are taking the test all at once. It's a huge huge huge deal. My Korean teacher (who also teaches at a public high school) said that she's very tired from cramming the students for the test, but after tomorrow, she doesn't have to teach any more classes.

During the test, planes all across Korea are not allowed to take off because the noise could potentially distract test-takers.

Two years ago, there was large cell-phone cheating scandal in Gwangju involving 100 students.

In lighter new, last Saturday was "Pepero Day." Ever had the Japanese candy Pocky? It's called Pepero in Korea. Pepero Day is Valentine's Day's little sister ( of them...there are several Valentine's Days in Korea). Everyone buys pepero, which range from small to ginormous (I even say a baguette dipped in chocolate and a two-foot long stuffed animal pepero) and gives them away to their friends. In Hapkido, we watched "The Transporter" for Pepero Day.

This weekend I'm going to Pohang (about a 5 hour drive East of Gwanju) for my school's one and only cross country meet. I hope they do well...

We leave Friday at noon at get back Saturday at 6 pm. I'll let you know how it goes.

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