Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Un-Thanksgiving

Pictures are up from last week's cross country meet!

Here they be, arrrrr!

Let's Thanksgiving weekend was almost painfully uneventful. While I was bordering on wallowing in my own sorry state of...prolonged wallowing, Paul reminded me that I did, in fact, do several things this weekend. They include:

1) Going to Seoul. I caught Seoul's Biennale (more on Korean art later...), went to a few salsa clubs (despite the fact that I'm absolutely hopeless with anything more complicated than a two-step...), ate well, and slept even better.

2) Reading a book. That's always good for the old self esteem!

3) Running half of a marathon (as per my marathon training schedule).

4) Eating a lot of cereal and granola bars while watching sordid reality shows (hey, often they are the only thing that is on in English!).

Ok, so maybe the last one is the least impressive...

Keep bugging me until I write more, guys! I have news of river/sewers that flow from wretched to beautiful (both man-made states) and under buildings and through parkings garages, more computer generated art than your brain can handle, Korean hospitality, and of course, more installations of "wacky news from the lower half of the penninsula."


Alice said...

Ok, Jordan...I am bugging you. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

I love the x-country pics--I think I would have fit in quite well with your team! Keep the updates coming!