Saturday, March 24, 2007

Drama in the kitchen...

Ok, my "post-marathon" goals stood for all week. But there is hope! I've had a stressful time at school this week, and it's been exhausting, but...don't worry, I'll be back to true form soon! Spring break is coming up...yay!

In other news, yesterday I went on my first legitimate run (meaning, longer than 10 minutes) since the marathon. It felt really good. The weather was grey and drizzly, just the way I like it. When I got back, I ran into a cluster of my co-teachers gathered around my friend Min's new dachshund, Lucky Guy. He was shivering and sneezing, but very appreciative of the attention.

At this very moment, I am in the middle of making biscuits. Thanks to my mom's rudimentary cooking skills (just kidding, Mom! I love your food!), Bisquick arouses a strong sense of nostalgia. The first batch went swimmingly, but in the second batch, where I was attempting to be daring and make "cheesy" biscuits, I distractedly added way too much milk. (Funny how 2/3 and 1 2/3 look almost the same when you aren't paying attention...) So, in order to save the biscuits, I had to turn into into a double (and them some) batch. The only problem was...I had run out of cheese. Well...I had run out of THAWED cheese, that is. Luckily there was some in the freezer, but let me tell you...grating frozen cheese is a challenge.

They are cooking right now, and look decidedly more amorphous and blob-like (are biscuits supposed to jiggly menacingly? I don't think so...) than the first batch, but with cheese, butter, and garlic salt, how can you really go wrong?

Update: The biscuits are out. Verdict? They taste cheesy so...Success!!

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