Friday, March 16, 2007

I love frosting!

Yesterday we had a "PD" (professional development) day at school. Normally, the teachers all get frustrated and grumble because we have a lot of productive discussions but feel like our input is ignored by the school's administration. Add a megaphone and some donuts, however, and it's a different beast! The highlight of the day was when we had to walk through a firedrill and discovered that the only way to escape from the third floor (guess who has a classroom on the third floor?) is by a very crusty very frayed rope-swing pulley system. Oh, I love Korea!

But...PD day was not the most significant event of the day. That honor goes to the two tubs of rich and creamy triple chocolate fudge chip frosting (supplied by two very special moms). My roommate and I used them to make cupcakes, frosted cooked, and a "Power Brownie" (dubbed so by one of my co-teachers because of its excessive school spirit).

You'll have to excuse my confusion about the color scheme of St. Patrick's Day. Resources were limited.

More photos of our domestic achievements are can be found here.

Last night my principal held a party at his apartment, and I got vomited on by a baby! Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hehe...that's so awesome. The cake looks delicious. I didn't think frosting would be a big thing in Korea, but now I know! -Alice