Monday, May 07, 2007

A minimalist post

This weekend I...

...fought a losing battle with a gigantic cockroach.
...dropped my glasses into the toilet.
...hid under my covers during a thunder storm.
...went to a butterfly festival in the rain.
...watched a Korean bus driver jumpstart my friend's car.


Anonymous said...

i am both grossed out and intensely curious about your losing battle with the cockroach...-Alice

Kitty said...

Yes, I agree with Alice about the cockroach. I had honestly never experienced a cockroach until moving to Los Angeles (darn warm climates) and they are now my archenemies.

Wa-nde-rren said...

Wow. I have officially re-stumbled upon your blog, following a link from facebook.

I am about to start a blog about my cross-couuntry biodiesel bus tour, which I will email you about.


Anonymous said...

Jordan!!! where are you now? I want to know more about your year in Korea and what has happened since you came back (assuming you're back in the US)!! -lice