Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nostalgia Blows

Today I started reading through my old blog posts (the latest in a series of horrible ideas I've been having lately...) and it was like spying on someone else's life. I re-remembered all these oddball things that have completely vanished from my memory. At first I thought, Oh, cool, I am glad I did stuff like draw phallic-looking space shuttles on my first day as a teacher and run up Mt. Wachussett by myself.

Then I started to panic.

Oh bananas, I have to write down everything that happens to me -- good, bad, humiliating, surreal, and most important, hilarious -- because otherwise it will go on a walkabout and never come back. Of course that's an impossible task, but I can definitely do better than I'm doing now.

So yeah, sorry sorry, self-nullifying blog posts are worse than finding a worm in your apple (it FINALLY happened to me, after not believing that it really ever would -- see, this is the kind of stuff I need to remember!), but I just thought I'd let you guys know... And tell you that I'm going to make an effort to bounce back to my previous level of semi-awesomeness.

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SB said...

I think anyone that includes magic baking swords in their posts is automatically awesome. Sidenote - I'm not lucky enough to have discovered a worm but I do run into double yolk eggs quite frequently. Maybe I should be worried?

ps: The verification word to post was 'slitti'. That just sounds obscene for some reason.