Friday, August 03, 2007

8 Days and Counting...

I have just over a week left before I leave Korea forever. To celebrate the event, I am starting a new daily feature.

Things I Will Not Miss When I Leave
- The sauna-like summer weather,

which makes me feel like each morning I am going for a swim (in a jacuzzi) instead of a run. I don't call it working out anymore, I just call it sweating. "I'm going out for a sweat, I'll be back in an hour!" Except...once I get back, I don't stop sweating for the rest of the day.

Things I Will Miss When I Leave
-Pat Bing Su

Things I Have Not Decided Whether or Not I Will Miss When I Leave

-The look on Korean taxi drivers' faces when I surprise them while I am running on a narrow road through a rice field and they have pulled into a ditch to urinate

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