Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I've turned into a homeless person...

Today I spent about 8 hours at the Boston Public Library (Central Branch, if anyone wants to try to stalk me). I'm supposed to be applying for jobs and studying for the GRE, but I haven't done either of those today. Instead, I finished Joan Didion's "The Year of Magical Thinking" (yes, I know that technically it should be on my "current reads" list anymore, but I'm living it there for thematic reasons that will become evident in about 5 seconds) and started in on Calvin Trillin's "About Alice." Yes, they are both books about writers mourning their bereaved writer spouses. They are, however, completely different from each other, and I'll go into that in more detail soon (I'm only halfway through the shorter "About Alice").

Today I also found some books on hikes in Massachusetts (would you believe that at the BPL there are more books on hiking in Oregon than there are on hiking in New England? Ok, maybe all the New England ones are checked out because it's summer...). Tomorrow I'll be a homeless person in the woods, instead.

At least I haven't yet been woken from a nap by library security (there's a strict "no sleeping" policy at the BPL).


Kitty said...

Well, obviously I have comment on this! Glad the BPL is there for you, notwithstanding their anti-homeless person policies. I'm looking forward to your book reviews--I've heard good things about both books, but haven't managed to actually read either!

Anonymous said...

Well obviously that's because the forests of Mass are fearful hives of scum and villany, so no one would want to go there.-Erik

Wa-nde-rren said...

at least you're a homeless person doing cool things. I am SO BORED OUT OF MY MIND.

I am waiting to hear back more about the apartment, the NC job lead...argh!

and just sitting here. I haven't even read more than one book or gone on more than one sort of short day hike.

I have taken one 30 min dance lesson, and I will volunteer at the tualatin national wildlife refuge next week mapping vegetation. but I can't even find the energy to clean out the fridge.
why? what was I doing?
well, um. er. nothing.
the sudoku. a failed cooking experiment. napping. the internet.

unemployment sucks.
I wish it would feel like vacation soon.