Thursday, November 06, 2008

How to not get rich

My good friend Yiyan -- aka Julia Gulia, who also happens to be going through the experience of being a grad student in a new city -- recently posted about career advice blogger player Brazen Careerist.

(By the way, Yiyan I love your graphic, especially because there is no destination!)

Well, what could I do but check out this advice-giving former pro volleyball player/fashionista's site?

I'm kind of glad that I did, because it totally convinced me that I never ever (ever ever!) want a "career."

The Brazen Careerist -- aka "Penelope Trunk" -- thrives off of posting *shocking* counter-intuitive tips (like how now is the perfect time to buy expensive clothes...the state of the economy will make you look extra posh and shiek) and giving image advice.

This doesn't quite work so well for someone who, ahem, wears jeans 95% of the time. (Or is that my image? Maybe I just need to cultivate it more!)

Penelope Trunk is a pragmatist who seems bent on tearing down down silly idealists like me who get their career advice from Robert Sullivan.

I'll update in about ten years and let you know how I'm doing on that avoiding a career thing...(hopefully not squatting in my parent's house with six cats).

Bonus "oldy but goody" tidbit:


Julia Gulia said...

Haha, maybe I need a little Robert Sullivan... thought I still haven't had a chance to read Rats which you recommended to me, erm, 3-4 years ago? Thanks for the shout out :)

Jordan said...

That's ok...I probably should actually heed some of Penelope Trunk's advice, but am still too young to actually take it to heart!

I think you should read The Meadowlands before Rats!