Saturday, February 21, 2009

Article: "Going green in a grey industry..."

It's blast from the past time! While revising my resume for summer internship applications (fun stuff...), I ran into an article I wrote for IzzitGreen that, well, never actually made it on to IzzitGreen.

"Going green in a grey industry with and Grover Daniels"

It's a profile of Grover Daniels, CEO of, a "green printing company." At the time I wrote the article, was advertising on IzzitGreen -- hence the conflict of interests and the reason it never went up on the site.

It did, however, make it onto the blog!

It starts:

You’ve got 5 seconds to name a "green" business. Did you name solar power company? An organic dairy? Chances are you didn’t name a printing company.

Grover Daniels, founder and CEO of eco-friendly printed products company, acknowledges that printing isn’t conventionally thought of as green industry. "The printing business is a difficult business to keep environmentally friendly. You would never create this business as a green business."

But that’s just what Daniels did.
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It's kind of fun to go back and look at it. Unlike most of the other articles I wrote for IzzitGreen, this one actually kinda sorta has a lede, nut graf, and kicker -- before I even really knew what those things were!

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