Monday, February 02, 2009

Daily Diigo Bookmarks: What has Jordan been reading on the web today? 02/02/2009

  • From the article:

    "I took a road trip to ponder that question: East Coast to West Coast, 13 days, more than 4,800 miles, driving nothing but four beautiful diesel models of Audi.

    "I was accompanied by 183 other journalists from such far flung ports as Japan, Colombia, Germany, France, Australia (crazy bastards those Australians, donning Elvis outfits in Memphis, cowboy duds in Texas) and beyond. Audi provided the cars and the accommodations along the way. Four waves across America, different routes. We did them all."

    Wait, journalists got SPONSORED to drive around in diesel Audis? Is it shameful for me to declare getting an assignment like this one day as one of my life goals?

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  • And the Wal-Mart saga continues. This blog on Boing Boing (courtesy of Saideep -- thanks!) is written by a Wired writer who got an entry-level job at Wal-Mart.

    Interesting excerpt:

    "As for all those Wal-Mart horror stories—when I went home and checked the web sites that attack the company, I found that many of them are subsidized with union money., for instance, is partnered with the Service Employees International Union; is copyright by United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Why are unions so obsessed with Wal-Mart? I'm guessing that if the more-than-a-million Wal-Mart employees could be unionized, they would be compelled to contribute at least half a billion dollars per year in union dues."

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