Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boulder, the land of no Trader Joe's

So I know this already got circulated around the web yesterday (thanks, Dad!), but I just had to post it here:

I almost died a million times during the song, but especially at the phrase "cylindrical salmon."

The best part is that it just keeps going and going and going, kind of like how you keep putting more and more and more things into your cart when you go to TJ's!

This makes me miss TJ's already more than I already do...the closest one is a 6 hour drive away, in New Mexico:

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Oh gosh, instead of doing work I am going to watch it again...


fish said...

WHAT?!?!?! There's a Trader Joe's in New Mexico and we don't have one!?!?!? do you KNOW how busy that place would be in Boulder?!?! OMG!!! i've filled out their online form several times pleading for one, btw...

Jordan said...

UI've heard rumors that Whole Foods is using its mafia connections to keep TJ's out.

Smart business strategy...if Boulder ever got one, everyone would realize that TJ's is half as expensive and twice as delicious!