Monday, July 25, 2005

Nuts and bolts...

This morning I was reveling in the fact that right now it seems like I’m messing up in many avenues of my life. So, instead of continuing to revel, I decided that I would just change my behavior and, well, not mess up anymore. That doesn’t mean that I won’t make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. I should qualify this: when I mean “messing up” I mean repetitive behavior that is counter-productive to what I really want (for example: making mistakes and not learning from them).

So, with that background to my Monday morning mindset: I spent a long time searching for a nut that would fit this one specific bolt that I needed to put part of my experiment together. As I was searching all over I kept thinking about that party at Cruft-Labs where when everyone walked in the door the guys got a bolt and the girls got a nut. In order to get drinks from the bar you had to find your counterpart, screw the two pieces together, and deposit them in a bowl by the bar. Anyway, I finally found a nut that fit the bolt, but it was some sort of locking nut that only screws about twice because one end is smaller than the other. With some more searching and improvising I was able to arrange things so that my experimental set up sort of worked the way I wanted it, but not really. I am definitely going to need to find that perfect nut eventually.

I don’t know what the moral to that story is, but I’m sure there must be one. Or not. I really hope my life isn't turning into a hardware allegory.

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Erik said...

The party you described sounds like an engineering nerd version of a seventies wife swap party