Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This is kind of weird

Right now (12:17 am) there's a car parked outside my room (that means in the parking lot of an extended stay hotel) with all its lights on blasting the Cure loud enough so I can hear it perfectly from my second story window. There are people shouting and dancing around, too. Maybe I should go join them?

Oh, now it just changed to Franz Ferdinand. I feel like I'm back at East Campus.


Erik said...

Did you join them?

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock said...

Yeah, I can relate to noises in hotels as I am traveling and teaching in Pullman WA this week. Besides the noisy fridge motor in my room, this morning there were a bunch of little kids talking too early in the morning and then parents shushing them (and the shushing was louder than the kids)! The wonderful life of living in hotels...I had nearly forgotten that.