Thursday, July 14, 2005

The significance of pressure waves...

Today I had a mondo adventure.

Glenn Research Center, though situated in the most sedentary inactive state I've ever visited, does make attempts to foster athletic activity. There's a nice dirt loop down by the "picnic grounds" that is exactly 1 mile long. Today after work I decided I wanted to do some mile repeats for speedwork on said dirt track, which is where my adventure began.

The run itself was good, even though I had no eye correction and was wading through a blurry world (which made the deer that was relaxing unperturbed about 6 meters away slightly less amazing). Between the second and third mile repeat the temperature dropped about 10 or 15 degrees (based on my acutely calibrated personal weather prediction skin...). A storm was a-brewing!

I got back to my building around 6:15, only to find that they lock all the GRC buildings at 6. Stranded outside with a thunderclouds looming, how perfect. I was finally able to break in (er, find a nice old lady who could let me in), get my bike, and be on my way. Not ten seconds after I left the storm hit. There was thunder and lighting all around me. I wasn't scared, not at all! Soon a torrential downpour started, making the already bike unfriendly pot-hole ridden Cleveland roads even less inviting due to the quickly accumulating standing water. And it didn't help that I was wearing glasses, which were rendered completely useless in the downpour.

Nonetheless, I persevered through all these physical impediments (surprises!) as I felt like I was racing home, battling for my life against the elements. I made a wrong turn when I was almost back (like I said, I couldn't see), but when I did that I passed a nice dude who shouted at me from the shelter of his garage asking if I wanted a poncho--I was almost home and already completely soaked through so I didn't take it, but it made my day anyway.

I thoroughly enjoyed the adversity. The only downside is my phone is now on the fritz. Completely useless.

I wish you all exciting adventures in the near future.


Erik said...

Who needs cell phones anyway!

Jordan said...

Yeah...well turns out it just needed a day to dry off because it's working again (and you can decide whether that's a good thing or not).