Thursday, July 21, 2005

A quickie

I came in early on my own before our tour of the Plum Brook Facility (owned and operated by NASA Glenn, where they test a lot of cutting edge propulsion stuff...basically the bread and butter of Glenn, and what has made Glenn famous)in order to check on and finish an experiment that I left running overnight. Well, I got here and my boss had stopped it after I went home yesterday, so I guess I'll just write a quick blog entry instead.

This morning I had a dream involving a very violent (sublime) thunderstorm. I was running home (home home, meaning Sherwood) up our gravel road and there were giant booms and lightning flashes every few seconds. Then I woke up and realized that there was a real storm outside, with lightning so close and so intense that I could see it flashing through my window (with closed blinds). Because it was pouring and storming, I had to nix my plans to go running this morning. I'll have to squeeze something in after we get back from Plum Brook. We've been having thunderstorms nearly every day. It's craaaaazy!

Sorry I've been lettting up slack on the blog-writing. It's a combination of me losing steam and enthusiasm about the NASA Academy program and being really busy at work. I also think the daily thunderstorms have something to do with it, too. But, my time hear is drawing to a close (I can almost taste it!), but it's going to be a hard push (or a mad dash, whichever you prefer) from here on out.

Just another note: all my favorite people around are security guards and janitors.

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