Thursday, March 16, 2006

All right already!

Too many things to talk about, yet too much work to finish...

Let's see, today while I was walking (er, rushing) to class my flip-flops broke (it was a mix of long-term disintigration and a catastrophic failure induced by me tripping over myself). I didn't have time to go back to my room and change shoes, and I refuse to become a barefooter (plus, it was kinda sorta snowing), so I did what any overly-prepared girl would do. I tore some duct tape off of my Nalgene bottle and hastily repaired my flip-flop. It is most definitely a temporary fix, but I was so happy that there was a reason that I had that duct tape. I also used it to repair my corroded watch-band a few days ago. Yes!

In other news, I (finally...geez!) heard back from PiA but the message was confusing and ambivalent:

Dear Jordan,

Greetings from PiA. Just wanted to let you know that we have sent your credentials to the University in Singapore. Their administration is considering the PiA candidates and will hopefully get back to us soon. You are still in consideration for other PiA posts as well so please give us until the end of March to get back to you. Hope all is going well in Boston!

Take care,

Well, at least they sent it twice, once at 1:29 am and once at 1:30 am. Ok...Singapore? What? (Nothing against Singapore, but I thought they were sending me to either Korea or Kazakhstan...huh?) And...end of March? Seriously, do they think my life is on hold until I hear from them again? I'm going to start actively applying for all those other opportunities I unearthed last week...

Ok, back to revising my Nature Writing essay. I have that uneasy feeling that every change I make is just ruining it. Agh! This is why I always hated revision.

Oh yeah...and that oral midterm in Computational Methods in Aerospace Engineering that I have in 6 hours...huh?

Sorry, I hate it when I sound like an MIT student. But...what the hell is going on here?

Also...did another radio show today...that'll be up here soon...

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Erik Wirfs-Brock said...

Sounds like the Program is flakey, but hey Singapore! Everybody's favorite place for Americans to get caned!-Erik