Sunday, March 19, 2006

A really good weekend...

I just wanted to document the fact that this weekend was the best in recent memory.


- Saideep visited me
- We watched a Charlie Chaplin movie (City Lights)
- Tried (unsuccessfully) to convince myself that I wasn't just listening to the same song over and over again at the Phoenix Landing (but had fun dancing anyway)
- The Field
- Finally polished my five-year-old shoes
- Slept through Broken Flowers
- Saideep took me out to Ma Soba and then Toscannini's (mmmm)
- Saideep also helped me back up the music from my ipod
- Running 12 miles feels so short when you are used to doing 18
- Hung out with an ex, and actually felt happy and not sad afterwards
- Spike's Junkyard Dogs is amazing
- The Hong Kong and scorpion bowls with tiny plastic animals in them
- Deli Haus
- Ras Na Hierran 5K road race (well, not really much of a race for me) in Somerville, featuring the best finisher's medal ever (it's a bottle opener) and post-running brunch
- Lost my wallet but then found it!
- Finally replaced my running shoes
- Out of context gem: woman running down the street after me yelling, "You forgot your body glide!"
- Somehow managed to pilfer the same number of tea-bags and sugar packets at independent locations
- Impulse buys at book stores
- Quality time with Sarah's family
- Free scoop of hot fudge at Herrell's
- Naps in libraries

Sorry for the list-style blogging. Maybe I'll come back and flush things out later. Which are actually of interest? (It was a full, long, fun weekend...and I even got homework done too! But now I have to go do more...homework...)

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