Thursday, March 02, 2006

Multimedia for you!

I am officially back on WMBR's programming schedule! I'll be doing LRC every other Wednesday. That's the country's oldest daily punk show, 10 to noon each weekday. Yesterday was my first show of the season, and it went relatively smoothly. You can listen to it here in mp3 format. (It's the bottom one.)

A picture is worth how many words?

My last basketball game (also my last NCAA intercollegiate competition) ever was two weeks ago. Yes, that is actually me (I think?), number 20, trying to a shot off a hustle fast break. (I missed it, but as far as the picture is concerned the ball is about to go in the basket.)
She shoots!

Fun with cooking...
Hmmm, what is this?

And, the long awaited new piercing...

For the nature (or perhaps "nature") essay I'm writing, I did some sketches of kinetic sculptures at the MIT Museum. Here are the least abhorrent (I mean my favorite) ones:
A lumbering artichoke petal

A paralyzed wishbone

I was considering putting my first draft of my nature writing essay up here so that you guys could observe the "creative process", but I decided against it. You'll see it when it's finished (or at least, more polished).

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amy said...

jordan, i forgot you drew! can you teach me (or give me pointers) on how to draw fabric textures? I'm working on my clothing portfolio and i have no idea how to make something look like lace or like ruffled satin or really anything! maybe we can have a dinner thing and you can teach me :) xo