Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dreams and creams and beams and...ok, really just dreams... my delerious half-sleep of just now (I was up late last night then had to get up at 5 am to finish a project...then I went back to bed for a "morning nap"...ow...) I had the craziest dreams. Here are descriptions of them, given in a somewhat rushed "I want to get everything down without making it sound like good writing" kind of way:

1) I've never had the "oh no I'm walking through the halls of school naked!" dream, but this one kind of came close. I had finished a long run and was somehow naked. Also, somehow I ended up in the canopy of some sort of rain forest. I wanted to get home, but my keys were on the other side of a big spiderweb. I asked my friend, who was on the other side, to throw me the keys. She did, but I dropped them and watched them plummet, lost forever, to the bottom hundreds of feet below. Then I had to walk home naked and try to find keys to my room.

2) Next I was in an Athena cluster sitting next to Sarah. The Athena cluster was very crowded. This guy that is kind of hairy and a whole lot nerdy walked up to Sarah and said he really likes what she does (whatever that may be) and wants to offer her a job. Sarah keeps trying to politely refuse him, but this guy was very adamant. Finally I say something mean to him, and he walks away in a bit of a tiff. Then he comes back with these stacks of papers and distributes them around the Athena cluster. They are seating charts that have everyone's names on them. Everyone (except for me and Sarah, who has disappeared) love them and praise the hairy nerdy man for his cleverness and say something about him bridging the "language of lonliness." I get into an argument with him because my name isn't on there, and he says that I'm just jealous. Then he proceeds to dive into some story about his relationship history while I walk away and find Sarah. I gripe to her how that guy really sucks, and she says yeah, she got in a big argument with him too. Then we walk into another room in the Athena cluster (it's really big, like the 5th floor of the student center) and I borrow some guy's Athena station because now he is off drinking Irish car bombs. Weird.

3) I'm watching a movie, only I'm kind of in the movie as well. It's a movie tracking the life story of a man and his sister. The sister is kind of my mom, but not all the time. Anyway, the man is some sort of male model who exerpeinces the rise to and then subsequent fall from glory and riches (like in Goodfellas and Boogie NIghts). I remember most clearly the end of the movie. This man's family is very poor and he falls at his son's feet (he's wearing my Doc Martens, which I just polished last week) and laments all the luxuries that he used to have that he's lost. Then his daughter starts powdering his ears with this strange beauty product and chanting some kind of jingle/advertising slogan for the product. She does this methodically, like a robot, and can't stop. We see the man getting angrier and more upset. Then the movie cuts to two cars. The daughter now has metal ears (presumably the man ripped off her ears in rage and then she had to get them replaced with aluminum ears or really made sense at the time). The daugther also looks like a random person from one of my classes who I don't know. Anyway, the daughter is getting into a car with her older brother, who is blonde and has very long hair and is named Winston. As she is doing that, she says that she has no more feelings, but she knows that she used to have feelings because she is crying though she doesn't know what for. It's exactly like the "sympathetic limb" effect (or I forget what it's called) that amputees have where they think they can feel their missing appendages. The man and the rest of the family get in a different car. Presumably they will part ways (this is post some big court case...though I'm not sure what the ruling was).

Then my dream switches back to me in the movie theater and I'm talking about it with the people around me. This one annoying girl from one of my classes asks me if I understood what happened at the end (in this really condescending way). I tell her that I think I did.

And then I wake up.

Weeeeeird. And also more boring than I anticipated. We read Freud's Interpretation of Dreams a few weeks ago for Literary Theory, and I wonder if I could attempt to do a self-analysis on those. But it would probably be tedious and rather fruitless. If it really is all about wish-fulfillment...I bet I can find some way to identify those wishes without doing dream analysis.

Also...I need to decide in the next few days (by tomorrow, really...) whether I want to go to Korea to teach next year. Any thoughts?

Also...I updated my Nature Writing blog.

Also...Spring Break! I'm going caving...after I finish my 20-miler tomorrow. Excellent.


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kt said...

oh no, my pure mind has been corrupted! have a good spring break!