Thursday, September 06, 2007

Move it!

Sorry I disappeared for a while. I was hiding in apartment! Last weekend, as everyone who lives in Boston knows, was the grand headache of all headaches, when everyone in the entire city (or at least everyone under the age of 35) decides to pack up their wordly treasures, strap them to the roof of their car, and honk, swerve, and hold on for dear life for a few miles before arriving at a new residence. It also happened to be the weekend before most of Boston's dozens of colleges start. This grand balancing act (how does everyone and everything manage to shift in perfect synchronicity? isn't quite perfect, but somehow everything ends up working out in the end) turns Bed, Bath, and Beyond into a cross between a zoo and a battlefield (you are now picturing ostriches and polar bears hurling hand grenades at each other, right?) and Comm. Ave. into a demolition derby. It's great fun.

In other news, I waited for 3 and a half hours at the doctor's office because they "forgot about me." Also, in case anyone forgot what region of the country I'm living in, at the beach in Scituate this weekend, I heard an eight year old kid say, "It's a pretty view, Julie. A wicked pretty view."

Happy September. (And happy birthday, Erik!)

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