Thursday, September 13, 2007

Standing in line to see the reading tonight...

Yesterday Kaya and I tried to go see Junot Diaz, an MIT professor and fiction writer, read from his new novel. We (and a surprisingly large number of other disappointed fan-boys and fan-girls) were turned away because the reading was sold-out. They through us a (small) bone, telling us the talk was being recorded for re-broadcase on CBS Sunday Morning. I think I'll have to tune in, because while public libraries are amazing things, they aren't the best if you want to get your hands on new fiction (I'm 45th in the "hold queue" least I'm only 25th for An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England).

And now I'm going to take a few seconds to embarrass Paul. (Ok, so it's not that embarrassing, just funny to me...) Last night it appears he went shopping. Here's the complete list of what he purchased:

paper towels
Snyder's pretzels (which are quite addictive, I have to add)
frozen pizza
beer (good beer, at least: Peak Organic Pale Ale)

Did I miss anything? Paul, I'm just teasing you because it exactly fits the bill of what you'd expect a 25-year-old male to buy.

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Anonymous said...

I would disagree, the truly typical 25 five year old's shopping cart would include some kind of healthy item bought out of guilt, that would have a very small chance of being eaten (or maybe I am confusing that with 26 year old's shopping cart........)-Erik