Monday, February 20, 2006

21W.775 stuff

My 21W.775 (Writing about Nature and Environmental Issues) blog is now up. I'll only be updating 4 times this semester, so I'll link to it each time I write a new post.

In addition to my first blog entry, I also did an exercise last week for the class. I had to observe a "new place" for an hour using ten minutes to isolate each of my senses. I then compiled my 1000 or so words of raw notes into this 134 word description:

A triangle, each side a one-way street channeling clouds of stiflingly sweet exhaust as they are spit from sighing buses and trucks, surrounds a shallow sea of snow. My raft, floating mere inches above the whitecaps and dunes, is a cold metal bus-stop bench. If I need to raise anchor and set sail, I can use gnarled tree behind me as a mast (although the springy cherry stems covering it will poke and fragment in my palm as I grasp to tie the sheets). I will sail to the cemetery across the road, over the blue prison-bar shadows cast by the iron fence, and navigate through the half-buried gravestones. Sounding the depths with my hand, I will combat the stinging numbness with the rough secret warmth of the gravestones hidden beneath the surface.

Love it, hate it, don't care, there it is.

More blogging coming soon? I hope?

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