Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jamaica Kincaid is the shiznit

Yesterday I went to the first session of Caribbean Women Writers, a class taught at Harvard by Jamaica Kincaid. The juxtaposition of Jamaica Kincaid's sparkling personality--the second cutest middle aged woman I know, froofy socks (if you saw them, you would understand that froofy truly is the only word I could possibly have used to describe them), Pumas, and all--and the sweater-set-and-pearls-wearing Harvard students made it the best entertainment I've had all week.

My favorite Jamaica Kincaid quote: "You're not all going to be my bosom buddies." That made me very sad, but she's most definitely right.

My second favorite Jamaica Kincaid quote: "You are an immoral person when you are writing...once you finish writing, then you can become a normal moral person in the world again."

I think I'm going to keep going to the class, if only to shock the Harvard girls by showing up in sweatpants and collect priceless Jamaica Kincaid quotes. Chandler came with me to the class, and right as we were laughing about how dressed up everyone else was ("I think that's the first time I've ever been the only person wearing sneakers in a crowded room," she said...), a homeless man complimented me on my fashion sense. He was specifically admiring my coat (pictured below), which has become somewhat of a trademark. Every time I go home my mom complains about how tattered and ragged it looks.

The funny thing is...this was the second time this week a homeless person has complimented my clothes. Two days earlier a man in Central Square told me he really liked my pants (also pictured).

So there you go, the irony, in case you missed it: I'm attending a class at Harvard with more knits and pearls than I've ever seen in my life wearing clothes that are only considered fashionable by the homeless people that hang out in Harvard Square. I love it.


Lori said...

we invited jamaica kincaid to speak at pomona, and since i'm the president i got to have dinner with her. she's a very gentle, lovable woman.

Jane An said...

the jacket's grown on me =)