Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sorry I've been so evasive lately. Only part of that is because I've been "busy." (New semester, parents visiting, basketball ending, life commencing...though not Commencing with a capital "C" for a few more months thankfully.)

Oddly enough, as my final semester at MIT has gotten underway I feel like for the first time I fit in here. Not because I changed to fit the MIT mold, but because I finally hollowed out a Jordan-shaped hole in this awful place. I still don't like MIT, but I finally feel like I belong in my major (and most importantly, my minor) in some strange unorthodox way. It's...bizarre and I don't really know how to describe it. I still have a long way to go in the (inevitable...I'm optimistic in this respect, at least) process of valuing my four years here.

That sentiment was way too on I go...

Still no developments on my life post-college. I've very much set my sights on PiA, which has pushed me dangerously close to an "all eggs in one basket" mode. And my desires in general have kind of been shaped by my desire to get into that program. Weird. What did I really want to do in the first place? I think back in September I really wanted to pursue outdoor education. If anyone has any ideas of exciting adventures I could pursue next year (that are still viable, it being mid- to late-February), let me know.

I'm now officially a runner and not a basketball player. It feels pretty good. First up: Hyannis Half Marathon this Sunday. My friend Liz is running the full marathon. It is supposed to snow. Rock.

I hate apologizing. So I won't apologize for this ambivalent seeming post. I in the process of shedding my skin and growing a new one, and it's left me a tiny bit vulnerable.

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