Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A boring little post...

My most exciting adventures in the scant time I've spent home in Oregon have been running in parks where I spent time as a kid. I know, I should be out celebrating my new-fangled twenty-one-ness (and my brother, Chandler, and I did experience the Saucebox, Tugboat, and nameless sportsbar with Finnish bride, groom, and wedding guests last week), but remembering my childhood in the woods is just more fun.

Since I arrived home late Monday night I've run 39 miles at:
Forest Park
Washington Park
Champoeg Park
Tryon Creek State Park
Pre's Trail (or one of them) Eugene
Leif Erickson

And I've only run in Sherwood once.

Cleveland better have some bad ass running trails, because I'm getting spoiled.

Home hasn't been much other than running, reading, eating, and sleeping, but I think that's just what it's supposed to be. I live a relaxed life for just under two weeks, which makes me ready to accept whatever is coming next (in this case, Cleveland and NASA).

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