Sunday, June 26, 2005

One of the best things in the world... getting a free burrito from Chipotle. We went there last Monday, which just happened to be the summer solstice. To celebrate Chipotle was giving every customer a free burrito if they bring the receipt back before June 26th. Well, today was the 26th, and I managed to get my free burrito. This is fantastic because 1) burritos from Chipotle weigh about 5 pounds (literally) and 2) burritos from Chipotle are most excellent (veggie burritos come with free guacamole) and 3) I did a long run (~12.5 miles) in the sticky heat today and was ravenous.

In other news, last night we went to a local Greek Festival, where we feasted on spanikopita and Greek pastries, and watched a lot of Greek dancing.

I've also been taking advantage of the fact that wmbr now has mp3s of shows online available to download. My music collection is rad, but lately I've had a hankering for spicing things up with stuff that is new and different. I'm getting itchy, really.

Oh, and more about what I've been reading...coming soon...

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