Saturday, June 18, 2005


I'm still catching my breath from my trip to Johnson Space Center, and mulling over the best way to describe it, but I promise I'll write about it very very soon.

But before that, while this is still fresh on my mind:

Just as I was beginning to think that Cleveland had absolutely nothing to offer, I stumbled upon an amazing retaurant called tommy's. It has every type of vegan, vegetarian, and macrobiological-or-something vegan (whatever the hell that is) type of food you could imagine (all homemade, including salad dressings and pickles), plus meat too, so carnivores and herbivores can dine together in harmony. There's filafel, hummus, bouba ghanouj, cheeeeeese, and more. And they have amazing milkshakes and desserts. AND, it's not too hippy-ish (or hipster-ish, though I did see a lot of cool haircuts); it has just the right amount of art news and liberal news publications on the newstand out front. It's in the "Coventry" district of Cleveland. I had some amazing black bean chili and a cherry milkshake. Mmmmmm. And the brownies are covered in fudge. And they sell pottery! Ha! But here's the best part:

There's a USED BOOKSTORE connected to the restaurant. It's the perfect Jordan hang-out! I can't believe it!

Cici's may be a phenomenon, but tommy's is sublime perfection. (Did I mention the prices are cheap, too?)

While I was browsing at the bookstore after dinner I found a collaborative literary journal published by prison inmates from around the world. In high school I did a history research paper on changes to the Oregon State Penitentiary made during the Progressive era and I read a lot of prison publications (newspapers, journals, and diaries) as primary sources. So it was cool to see something similar published in 1992.

Also, I noticed that they were selling Harry and the Potters CDs at said used bookstore. Hmmm, that's weird. (Harry and the Potters played in the basement of Bexley at Beast Roast. I didn't particularly like them--actually, I walked out during their set because I was getting annoyed--but some of my friends, er, did.) They are playing in that bookstore soon. I never thought Harry and the Potters would follow me to Cleveland. Huh.

That's all for now. Stay tuned.

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Fuck off, Harry and the Potters are saving rock and roll.