Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'll keep this short and sweet because I posted so prolifically yesterday

(Well, everything but the title, that is.)

So I've been telling everyone about this, but...

Today I saw a machine that turns pee into water! How amazing is that.

Ok...maybe I'm a little too excited about it. It's designed astronauts to use for long missions, so that they don't have to bring all the water they will need with them. (Weight and space are very precious in space flight.)

I also got a surprise impromtu tour of the 5 second drop tour. It's a tunnel into the group as deep as the Washington Monument is high, and instead of landing on a giant air bag when it gets to the bottom (like the 2.2 second drop tower I saw), the experimental rig dropped falls into a pool of styrofoam balls and makes an awesome splash!

I also saw Dr. Geoffrey Landis talk about Mars exploration today. But I'll write more about that later, since I need to write an official summary of the presentation for my program's website.

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