Monday, June 13, 2005

The first day of the rest of my life...

Today my life changed forever as I had my very first encounter with what has to be one of the greatest human accomplishments: Cici's Pizza. Sprinkled across the Midwest and Florida, Cici's is a well-kept secret in the rest of the country. That needs to change.

Inside it's hallowed halls lies a buffet of the greasiest cheesiest anti-Atkins Diet-iest faux Italian food ever concocted-all for $3.99 (plus tax and drinks). Salad, pasta, pizza, and dessert are lined out in front of you, Tom and Jerry cartoons are playing on the television, and it seems like anything is possible.

Ok, so it's no Chicago's Pizza (which, by the way, I've been craving ever since I left Boston…I have a certain someone to thank for introducing me-and subsequently getting me addicted-to Chicago's last semester), but it's only $3.99! Shit! It's amazing. Really and truly, I was just…too happy for words tonight. Unfortunately (or maybe it's for the best), this map portends that after this summer my love affair with Cici's must come to an end.

I also had a very awesome run today. It cleared my head, relaxed me, and reminded me how much I love running. It would have been a completely sublime experience except for the asshole on the bike who felt it was appropriate and necessary to say “What's up, sexy?” as he rode past me (I've had this rant many a time-why do guys feel that it's ok to do that to runners?), and the motorcyclist who pulled to the side of the rode in front of me to take a piss in the woods. I am still in Cleveland, after all.

(There are so many motorcycles here…and everyone riding one thinks he is too cool for a helmet.)

Also, today I found out that one of my group members had to have skin grafted from his shoulder onto his nose. But then, as he got older and his chest got hairy, hair started growing out of the patch of displaced skin on his nose. That's gross…yet fascinating.

I also cultivated my interest in goofy safety and informational drawings (a la the book my parents have on their coffee table…Instructo-Art!) during the mandatory chemical safety training we had today. Maybe a collage is in order (especially since I found a breast cancer information pamphlet in the bathroom at work today…complete with diagrams of how to do a self-examination).

Ok, I feel this blog slowly seeping into the dregs of the boring. That may be because I already spent an hour writing an entry this morning. But on Wednesday I'll be heading to Johnson Space Center, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about when I return from Houston.

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