Saturday, June 25, 2005

So this is Cleveland, huh?

I'm getting really homesick for Oregon. (And even a little homesick for Boston, too.)

In the past 24 hours I've had my first taste of Cleveland's nightlight and Cleveland's beachlife.

Last night I went to the Tremont district (which is touted one as "historic and hip"). They had street names like "Professor" and "Literary", and bars such as "The Treehouse" (which had a giant faux tree inside), "Edison's" and "The Flying Monkey". I ended up in a martini bar on the corner of Professor and Literary (how fitting) with great antique furniture and an awesome bathroom. I actually preferred Edison's, however, because it had an excellent looking pizza place attached to it (I didn't buy any pizza, but people kept going next store, getting pizza, and bringing it back because the pizza place has no seating) and they played really good music (i.e., in Jordan's case, old school punk...the martini bar played a lot of European dance music). There was also one of those old-fashioned bicylcles that have a giant front wheel and a microscopic back wheel mounted on the wall. Rad.

Today I spent a few hours on the shores of the most polluted great lake. Cleveland has earned the nickname "the mistake on the lake", and I think the beach might have something to do with it. There were all sorts of pesky insects that looked like oversized mosquitoes but didn't bite. Instead, they would just swarm around you and land on every part of your body (including all possible nooks and crannies). I think they are called "muckleheads" or something like that, and rumor is they blow in over the lake from Canada. That's right, let's blame Canada. The beach was extremely crowded, so I walked aways and found a less crowed area that unfortunately smelled like feces. Camped out next to us was this woman who was holding a toddler and telling him to slap this little girl (maybe the little boy's sister?) and demand his money. That's right, she said "You need to learn how to slap that bitch and get your money!" Wow.

Ok, I know I've been spoiled by Oregon's scenic beaches, so I really shouldn't complain...

I'm feeling a bit deflated at the moment, so sorry if this entry sounded a little forlorn or lethargic. I'll try harder next time.


Anonymous said...

I happen to be from Cleveland, and the only mistake that, as you say, "the mistake on the lake" ever made was that we let you Oregon people in (or wherever you're from).

Also, "muckleheads" ARE from Canada, we're not blaming them, it just happens to be a fact, jack.

Oh yeah, and I've been to Oregon, and lived in Washington, and didn't find it especially special.

So snark on you, mister.

Cat said...

I've lived here all my life and the midges, muckleheads, or canadian soldiers have always been a pest. They do come in from Canada, and no one is blaming them. I do agree with you though, the beaches in northern Ohio are awful. Give me west coast, Michigan, or anywhere else to enjoy a day at a beach on white sand.