Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The inner workings of Glenn

I'm going to keep this fairly short because I'm itching to go read more Middlemarch, but today I went on tours of several departments of GRC, all of which housed amazing equipment. I saw:
-2 wind tunnels, one that specializes in icing and one that specializes in supersonic flows (up to Mach 4).
-A giant acoustic dome for jet-engine noise-reduction testing. The inside was crazily textured to eliminate noise reflection.
-An 24m high drop tower that simulates weightlessness for 2.2 seconds for microgravity research. They do a lot of research on combustion; without gravity flames are spherical and very very pretty. We got to see a drop. RAD.
-2 electric propulsion centers with giant vacuum chambers to test ionic engines and other cutting edge electric propulsion components.

I also sat through a 2 hour meeting. And I went to Coldstone. And I had one of the most rewarding naps I've ever had. I was completely incapacitated for a solid 2 hours.

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